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Server Leasing Details

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Server Leasing Details

ServerCity offer many different premade server solutions. All servers are delivered with the high redundancy you expect from any server delivered by ServerCity

Low-end Servers: This is our most affordable offer and are suitable for small projects. The processor is defined by Intel Core i3, i5 and i7. 

Middle-range Servers: These solutions fits most of our customers needs. The processors we offer here are AMD Ryzen 3600 and AMD Ryzen 3950x. They have 10Gbit ports with fair usage policy.

High-end Servers: This is our most costly solutions and it will kick the socks of any project you might have. The processors we offer here are AMD Epyc 7302P, 7402P and 7702P. They have 10Gbit ports with fair usage policy.

For more information about our dedicated server solutions please click here.

Dedicated ARM-servers: ARM-servers is our fun little boxes that are low on price. We currently deliver Raspberry pi 3 and 4.

For more information about dedicated ARM-server solutions please click here.

All server solutions can be customized to fit your individual needs. Here is some of the addons/changes we offer:

  • More memory
  • Bigger main storage
  • Additional storage(s)
  • Additional ip addresses
  • Dedicated ports without rush hour limits

Upgrades can be chosen during the order process or by opening a ticket after your server is delivered. You can also order upgrades through your Client Area by going to My services -> Servers/VPS and choosing "Manage" on the server where you want the upgrade. If you order an upgrade on a server that is already delivered, and up and running/in use, please remember to choose a time for your upgrade since the upgrade will require the server to be shut down while upgraded.

Payment plan:

We accept payment through bank transfer, paypal and stripe. You can always choose from different payment plans such as:

  • Monthly
  • 3 months
  • 1 year (15% price reduction)

All our solutions are renewable at the end of their lease and can be done from your Client Area.



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