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How to order a dedicated server

You can order a dedicated server package through our website: https://servercity.no/ - Go to "Products" in our top panel and choose "Dedicated servers". Here you can choose from servers in multiple price categories and with different specs.

During the order process:

  • You can edit the default package to make it fit your individual needs: memory, main storage, network speed ++
    If you don't wish to upgrade the server during the order process, you can always order hardware upgrades at a later time.
    Note: Ordering hardware upgrades, after you have started to use your server, will result in some downtime during the upgrade process.
  • Choose the OS you want installed on your server.
  • You will get the chance to choose a host name, if you don't we will give you one at random.

Payment of your order:

  • At the end of your order process you will be asked to pay for it. You can choose from 1 month, 3 months and 1 year (15% price reduction).
  • We accept Stripe, PayPal, Store Credit and bank transfer in NOK and USD
  • If you choose a bank transfer be sure to add the reference number, shown in the red square "Important reminder", in the description line of your bank transfer.

Delivery of your server:

  • You will get an automatic mail when your payment is approved and we will start to process the order.
  • When your order is completed you will get an automatic mail with the user name, password and ip address of your server.
  • Your server is now ready to use. Enjoy!

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