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Service and Usage Agreement

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Service and Usage Agreement


Our services can be used for anything that is legal within the laws of Norway. Not all, but some of the usage we do not allow:

  • DoS. DDoS or scheduled attacks on a third party
  • IP - Spoofing
  • CPU/GPU-mining and storageplotting of crypto currency
  • Hosting of pishing sites
  • Use of cracked or unlicensed software

Should one of your services brake one of the conditions, your service can be terminated. ServerCity AS can, without warning ,choose to suspend or close your service when in suspicion of violation of the conditions mentioned above.

Money back policy:

We offer a "7-day money return" guarantee if your service dont work as they should, and one of the scenarioes mentioned below is correct:

  • Loss of network for more than 3 hours.
  • Loss of power for more than 4 hours
  • Change of a defect hardware component that takes more than 48 hours.

Billing and cancellation

Any service that has an unpaid invoice after 14 days of due date will automatically be terminated by midnight on day 15. This will lead to loss of all data on the terminated service. If you have any challenges regarding the invoice we ask you to make contact, so the due date can be prolonged.

All cancellation requests must be through your client area, and not directly on e-mail. Cancellation of a service will automatically give store credit if there are unused time left on the cancelled service subscription. The service will be removed from your client area after the invoice period subsides. Cancellations can be aborted any time by contacting our support team.

To reopen or restore a canceled service, that has been removed or deleted due to unpaid invoices, there will be a fee on 55$ - eks. tax.

By connecting your credit card, or your PayPal-account as a payment method, you allow us to charge unpaid invoices that are overdue.

Traffic usage:

All services are delivered with a preset amount of traffic amount. Services can be suspended if your usage exceeds your preset traffic amount. Additional traffic can be purchased at any time. Servers with an Unmetered traffic-plan must follow our policy for fair usage. The ports are shared with others (3:2:1) and a normal usage is expected. Your usage should not cause problems for other customers or our infrastructure. Constant usage for over 20% of the ports capacity will be viewed as overusage, and you can be asked to upgrade to a dedicated port without a "rush hour limit".

Ports with a "rush hour limit" will give you the full capacity of the port outside of what we define as rush hour. Incoming traffic will not be influenced. Rush hour is between 16:00 and 02:00 GMT+1. Dedicated ports without "rush hour limit" and can be used fully at all times.


If you dont have an excisting agreement, your overusage of traffic will be invoiced by 2.21USD per started TB on dedicated servers and virtual servers with a static trafficlimits, and 2.21USD per Mbit/s over the limit for IP-transit (calculated after the 95th precentile model). The prises regarding overusage is eks. tax.

Responsibility limits:

ServerCity AS can only be held liable for errors due to gross negligence or intent. ServerCity AS is not liable for damages for losses due to reduced or lost production or turnover. A demand can not top the amount that ServerCity AS has invoiced the customer for the service ,in the current agreement period.

Loss of data and hardware warranty

ServerCity AS do not take backup of your services. You are responsible for backup of your data and the integrity of these. In cases of lost data ServerCity AS is no liable for damages. We recommend all our customers to keep sufficient backup at any time. Services where this applies, but not are limited to:

  • Virtual server
  • Dedicated server
  • Colocation

If a hardware component in a server breaks we will replace the defect component as soon as we can, or within 48 hours.

Our warranties:

All your services take full use of our warranties.

  • 99.9% network accessibility
  • 99.9% power accessibility
  • 48-hour hardwarechange

Changes in our Service and Usage Agreement:

We reserve the right to change our Service and Usage Agreements. Changes will be reported through channels we deem as sufficient. If we make significant changes you will be notified by e-mail and/or on our website. All significant changes are binding 30 days after they were published on our website and/or e-mailed to you.

Force Majeure

If the agreements execution wholly or partly is hindered, or is significantly hampered by circumstances beyond the control of the parties, the parties obligations will be suspended to the extent where the circumstances is relevant, and for as long time as the circumstances lasts. Circumstances like that includes, but does not limit to: strike, lockout, traffic defects at a third party, blackouts at a third party, and any circumstances that would be judged as a force majeure.


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