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Cookie Policy

Our website use cookies (information capsules) to give you the best experience as possible.Information capsules are small text files that are stored on your computer and/or phone when you visit websites. Below we use the words "cookies" and "information capsules" , but both are the same thing.

Our information capsules help you to:
  • Make sure the websites function as you expect them to
  • Keep you logged in next time you visit our sites (if you have a user)
  • Remember your settings from visit to visit
  • Enhance the speed and security on the websites
  • Lets you share sites and content on social media, like Facebook, if you should wish to do so
  • Lets us continue to enhance our websites for you
  • Do our advertising more efficient (some of what makes us able to deliver the services that we do, at the prices that we have)

We use the information capsules in order to:

  • Collect personal information 
  • Collect sensitive personal information
  • Send personal information to a third party
  • How we recive your acceptance for the use of information capsules.

If the settings in the program you use to see this website (your browser) is set to accept information capsule usage, and by you continuing the use of our websites, you agree to our information capsule usage. If you wish to delete the information capsules, or deactivate the usage of them, you can read about it below. If you deactivate information capsules our website might not function as you expect.

Our own information capsules

We use our own information capsules to make sure our websites function, by:

  • Determine if you are logged in or not
  • Remember your choices in the server configuration.
  • Remember if you have agreed to or rejected various terms.

Third party functions

Our websites, like almost all other websites, use some functions and elements from a third party. A typical example is the Facebook "like-button". This type of function use information capsules. Down below you find a list over third party services like that. You can deactivate information capsules from a third party in the settings of your browser, but you should know that this will result in some of those services not functioning as they are meant to.

Information capsules from social media

These social media can use information capsules on our websites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

The privacy implications by using these information capsules will vary from one online community to another, depending on what privacy settings you have selected on your user in that specific online community.

Information capsules to deliver web page functionality

We use information capsules from a third party to be able to offer you certain functions on our websites, that would not function without these information capsules. To be able to use Stripe or Paypal at our sites we are dependant of using information capsules, to let customers choose between different payment solutions, and to remember the information that the customer types in, during his visit and until his next visit.

The data that are collected is not in itself anonumus, but is anonymised and encrypted before it is stored in the information capsule. In this way, unauthorized persons can not access the data.

Like mentioned above we use these information capsules to deliver funktionality: 

  • Stripe
  • PayPal

Information capsules to measure anonymous visiting statistics

We use information capsules to collect statistics of visiting numbers, what technologies the visitor are using (eks Mac or Windows, to reveal if our services don't work on certain devices), how long time our visitors use on our sites, what sites they look at, and so on.

Vi benytter informasjonskapsler for å sammenstille statistikk over besøkstall, hva slags teknologi de besøkende benytter (f.eks. Mac eller Windows, for å avdekke om tjenestene våre ikke fungerer på noen typer enheter), hvor lang tid de besøkende bruker på våre sider, hvilke sider de titter på, osv. Dette hjelper oss med å kontinuerlig forbedre nettsidene våre. Disse “analyseverktøyene” forteller oss også, ved hjelp av anonyme data, hvordan de besøkende finner nettsidene våre (f.eks. via en søkemotor) og hvorvidt de har vært her tidligere. Dette bidrar til at vi kan bruke penger på utvikling av tjenestene våre på de områdene hvor det faktisk trengs.

Vi benytter:

  • Google analytics

How to turn off information capsules 

Usually you can turn off information capsules by changing your browser settings, or by installing add-ons in your browser. But, by doing this a lot of useful functions on our website will stop working, since most websites are completely dependant on information capsules to offer their services in a good way. This includes our websites. We hope you accept cookies from our website, but if you do not wish to do so that is okay too.


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