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Middle-range Dedicated Server

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Middle-range Dedicated Server

These dedicated servers are our middle range servers. They can handle most tasks and offer the high redundancy you expect from any server delivered by ServerCity

AMD Ryzen 3600



3.6GHz - 6 Core (12)
Bench: 17862
Ram: 16 GB / DDR4
Disk: 1 TB NVMe SSD
Traffic: 10 Gbit / Fair Usage
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AMD Ryzen 3950X



3.5GHz - 16 Core (32)
Bench: 39228
Ram: 128GB / DDR4
Disk: 1TB NVMe SSD
Traffic: 10Gbit / Fair Usage
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a physical machine, placed at our location in Norway, that can be used by you as a customer. You will not share the resources of the machine with anyone else.

What can I install on my dedicated server?

You can install whatever you'd like to install. Some use linux-based operating systems and some use Windows. What type of operating system you'd like to run on your server you can choose during the order process. Some examples of what you can use your dedicated server for: Websites, gaming server, storage/cloud solutions, virtualization of servers and more

What network speed can I expect from my dedicated server?

That depends on what type of server you have rented. Our standards are 1 Gbit and 10 Gbit, but we offer speeds all up to 100 Gbit. All speeds, and prices, are listed at our Server Upgrades panel.

Can I expect full root access?

Of course you can! You will get full access to your server and you will be its main administrator at all levels.

Do you take backup of my server?

ServerCity does not provide backup services. If anything happens to your server you are responsible for your own backup. You can find several providers of backup systems by searching on the web.If you do not wish to do your own research we can recommend Jottacloud.

Do you provide DDoS filter

Yes, we offer basic DDoS protection that filters attacks up to 5Gbit / s. For attacks over 5Gbit/s the servers IP-address will be null routed by our systems, to avoid making problems for our other customers. Null routed address means that it is made inaccessible to everyone on the internet.

Can I upgrade my dedicated server?

Yes you can! Some of the upgrades we offer: more memory, more storage, faster network port, additional ip-addresses, dedicated network ports ++. You can order upgrades during the order process, order upgrades later from the Server upgrades panel in your Client Area or at our homepage. If your desired upgrade is not listed you can send us a ticket and we will provide it!

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